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it's wrong wrong wrong but we'll do it anyway cos we love abit of trouble

' You wanna piece of me, well im not selling she'

'Its a ballroom blitz'
1 March 1987
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I am pre school assistant from Surrey in England. I like Earl Grey tea, prim and proper men who austere and calm and composed and only warm, cuddly and vunerable with the right people, I am huge fan of Python, The League, Shooting Stars, The Boosh, The Goodies, Beyond, Not only but Also, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, P.G Wodehouse and Morecambe and Wise. If I could, I would spend most of my time at The National, The finborough and The Bush. I am a theatre nerd and I love a bit of fringe. I miss AmDram completly. I like 20s to 60s vintage fashion. My ideal man is Mark Gatiss. I am a massive foodie.
'ashes to ashes', 'barney munroe', 'beautiful people', 'the whisky taster', a e housman, agatha christie, alan bennett', anthony buckeridge, archaic stone buildings, art teachers, banter, beatles, being a massive dramaqueen, bertie wooster, beyond the fringe, biggles and bilo, blur, brighton, brit pop, bugsy malone, camden, claw footed baths, client, coloured vodka, convent garden, cream teas, crooked house, david bowie, david posner, desperate romantics, devon, dirty pretty things, dita, dr who, dylan thomas, electro, finborough theatre, fry and laurie, gene hunt, glam rock, goldfrapp, graham chapman, guns n roses, help! vinyl shops, historyoffallingthings, in the loop, james graham, john betjeman, john cooper clarke, john keats, jps blues, just william, karen gillian, lemon curd, life on mars, lily allen, little shop of horrors, london, madness, makingpeoplelaugh, michael buble, mighty boosh, miss scarlett, moulin rouge, mrs lovett, music hall campery, musicals, my beloved beatles, my beloved history boys, national trust gardens, neil gaiman, nirvana, northern accents, olivia hallinan, oscar wilde, oxford and cambridge, p.g wodehouse, paloma faith, peter and carlos, peter cook, phillip glenister, placebo, quadrophenia, queen, radio 4, randall and hopkirk, ricky wilson, royal festival hall, rufus wainwright, russian red, sam barnett's northern accent, samuel barnett, showing off, simon doonan, singing, singing daily at work, spiral staircases, sugar rush, t-rex, tanqueray, the bush theatre, the clash, the goodies, the habit of art, the history boys, the jam, the libertines, the man, the national theatre, the smiths, the sweet, the thick of it, the who, thomas middleton, vinyl, w.h. auden, william blake, women beware women, yellowing books, yorkish accents